Thursday, February 19, 2009

be careful Science teacher !!!

last Tuesday, me and my pair did a Form 4 Chemistry experiment in the lab. the title of the experiment is to study the reaction of alkali metals on water. alkali metals are belong in Group 1 of Periodic Table. examples of alkali metals are Sodium (Na), Lithium (Li) and Potassium (K).

Na > Li > K
more reactive to water

be careful dear Science teachers especially Chem teachers. i already did this experiment once last semester, but this time i got trauma after the explosion occur in front of my eyes. huhuuu..

Precautions need to be taken:

1) must wear goggles
2) teacher must be strict in the lab
3) follow the instruction given

have a look at the videos below.

- Sodium, Lithium and Potassium metals -

-this is correct-
a small piece of sodium metal was put into the water.
a very small explosion can be observed. students will get so excited.

-this is dangerous-
quite a big piece of sodium metal was put into the water.
look at the explosion. i was the one who recorded the scene. fascinating but scary..huhu...


the hazim said...

apa pendapat awak pasal teaching m3 and science in BI ni...??

the hazim said...
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sHi said...

saya tak kisah sgt pasal ppsmi ni. sbb bagi saya language is only a medium. yg penting mcmne seseorg cikgu tu ajar student. after all, generation dulu2 ada yg blaja bm, ada yg blaja english, ada yg berjaya ada yg tak kan? =)

straungu said...

wah..bestnye dpt tgk vid eksperimen.dh lame xbuat eksperimen kimia+bio..dsbbkn amk mechanical kebnykn eksperimen di blakang mesin je..tgk data dan catat,buat graf..huhu!!

sHi said...

best tu best mmg kena careful..huhu..

AkmalRahim said...

ish2..bahaya betul..

what's the purpose u all put sodium metal into the water?

sHi said...

the purpose is to study the reaction of alkali metals with water. so mengikut dalam periodic table, makin bawah makin reactive kan. experiment ni ada dalam syllabus sekolah menengah form 4 kimia. we have to do n follow. huhuhu...